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Deck Stores

➤ Personnel protective equipment
➤ Hoses, couplings, valves
➤ Pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, etc.
➤ Charts, publications, andsignages
➤ Oil spill emergency equipment
➤ Nautical and GMDSS equipment
➤ Hatch sealing tapes
➤ Radio room consumables
➤ High pressure deck cleaning equipment
➤ ISPS stores

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Engine Stores

➤ Asbestos free packing and jointing
➤ Lube oils and hydraulic fluids
➤ Adhesive and lubricants
➤ Hot and cold welding equipment
➤ Bearings,seals and V-belts
➤ Pneumatic and electric pumps
➤ Cotton waste and rags
➤ Rubber mattings and cords
➤ Explosion proof hand lamps

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Cabin Stores

➤ Cloth and linen
➤ Welfare items
➤ Tableware and galley utensils
➤ Locks and latches
➤ Brushes and mats
➤ Lavatory equipment
➤ Detergents and cleaning materials

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Safety Stores

➤ Liferafts,lifejackets,and lifebuoys
➤ Breathing sets
➤ Fire and immersion suits
➤ Marine distress signals,pyrotechnics
➤ Transfer and descent equipment
➤ Gas detectors and spares
➤ Fire extinguishers
➤ Foam compound
➤ Navigational lights and shapes
➤ Survival craft accessories

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Hardware & Tools

➤ Pneumatic and electrical tools
➤ Hand tools
➤ Cutting tools
➤ Measuring tools
➤ Boltsandnuts
➤ Welding equipments
➤ Non sparking tools
➤ Barbedwire

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Ropes & Lifting Tackles

➤ Manila and nylon ropes
➤ Mooring ropes and tails
➤ Galvanized steel wire ropes
➤ Links,turnbuckles and shackles
➤ Hooks,chains,rods
➤ Lifting slings and nets
➤ Gangway nets
➤ Fairlead mandal shackle

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Marine Paints & Accessories

➤ Epoxy and modified epoxy
➤ Polyurethane and thinners
➤ Alkyd and modified alkyd
➤ Heat resistance coats
➤ Anti skid,finish,speciality coats
➤ Underwater, anti fouling coats
➤ Airless spray machine and spares
➤ Roller and flat brushes

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Marine Chemicals

➤ Boiler water treatment chemicals
➤ Fuel oil treatment chemicals
➤ Tank cleaning chemicals
➤ Test kits and reagents
➤ Cooling water treatment chemicals
➤ Oil spill dispersant
➤ Electric cleaning chemicals
➤ Air cooler cleaners

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Electrical Stores

➤ Bulbs and lamps
➤ Navigation and search lights
➤ Cables,switches,and boards
➤ Plugs,sockets,alarm and horns
➤ Electrical contactor and contacts
➤ Lead acid batteries and chargers
➤ Explosion and waterproof fittings
➤ Refrigerator,washer,grinder,etc.

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RIBO 450 Rescue (Inflatable) Boat.

Number of persons : 6 ( seating, one laying on a stretcher)
Overall length : 4.50m
Overall width : 1.90m
Weight (including equipment, 25HP engine and fuel) : 320 kgs
Weight operational (including 6 person and 25 Hp engine) : 815 kg
Engine Power (outboard) : Yamaha 25HP or 40 HP
Available colors : Orange (Solas). Non-Solas : White, navy grey
Approval(s) : SOLAS/EC (MED). Also available model with USCG and RMRS approval.
Application : Seagoing commercial vessel(s) , superyachts, navy vessel(s)

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Pilot Ladder (DNV Certified/Approved)

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Fenders are protective devices designed to shield vehicles from road debris, mud, and water splashes, preventing damage and maintaining a clean appearance. They are commonly found on cars, trucks, and bicycles, providing an essential barrier between the wheels and the body of the vehicle.

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Water Tight Doors & Bridge Windows

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We can also assist in fabrication works i.e., welding pipe fitting, steel fitting, reducers, valves & etc. as per sample or drawings.

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Storage/warehousing and door-to-door arrangements of all your shipments via courier, air & sea at the most economical cost or based on end user urgency.

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