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Trusted Genuine Marine Product Supplier in UAE

We are a group based out of UAE primally engaged in quality service to the marine industry.

The marine & offshore industry is known to be a complex as well as specialist business which combines a wide range of technologies in order to provide a seamless safe environment friendly and reliable service.

Based on our collective experience of 30 years we are in a position to add great value to your business in Procurement and Logistics for supply of all kind stores & spares for shipping as well as offshore industries and ensure that QDC = Quality, Delivery & Cost is achieved through out the supply process.

The need for technical products/supplies for ships constantly fluctuates basis size of the vessel(s), number of occupants and the sailing schedules. While the requirements are well planned and managed, often these requirements may emerge suddenly creating high impact commercial situations. We always strive to make sure that our offer & supply of goods are as per your requirement or close based on the availability, to be accurate for all stores IMPA code is required & for spares we require vessel name, IMO, equipment details, engine serial no, part no along with maker’s manual/drawing.

Through our network of suppliers world-wide we can source practically any type of equipment related to vessel’s based on your requirement at competitive prices. We can also arrange delivery onboard vessel or agent covering almost all ports in UAE & if required can also connect (by courier, air & sea) all your requirements (Non-DG or DG) at your required destination through our forwarders (based in Dubai, Singapore, China, Korea, Japan, Istanbul, Hamburg, & Rotterdam). We can successfully complete the task ensuring in supplying the best of products at the earliest possible duration.

Keeping cost effectiveness and quality of supplies as our top priority we are committed in providing with upmost integrity.


We are committed to deliver cost effective, reliable and satisfactory solutions to our customers. Always trying our best to make sure that correct products are supplied at all times and avoid wrong supply which increases additional logistics costs & delays.

The shipbuilding industry is an industry that assembles hundreds of types of equipment and materials. In addition, the quality of equipment affects the performance of a ship.

Our Products

Trusted Genuine Marine Product Supplier
in UAE


Deck Stores

➤ Personnel protective equipment
➤ Hoses, couplings, valves
➤ Pipes, elbows, tees, flanges, etc.
➤ Charts, publications, andsignages
➤ Oil spill emergency equipment
➤ Nautical and GMDSS equipment
➤ Hatch sealing tapes
➤ Radio room consumables
➤ High pressure deck cleaning equipment
➤ ISPS stores

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Engine Stores

➤ Asbestos free packing and jointing
➤ Lube oils and hydraulic fluids
➤ Adhesive and lubricants
➤ Hot and cold welding equipment
➤ Bearings,seals and V-belts
➤ Pneumatic and electric pumps
➤ Cotton waste and rags
➤ Rubber mattings and cords
➤ Explosion proof hand lamps

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Cabin Stores

➤ Cloth and linen
➤ Welfare items
➤ Tableware and galley utensils
➤ Locks and latches
➤ Brushes and mats
➤ Lavatory equipment
➤ Detergents and cleaning materials

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Safety Stores

➤ Liferafts,lifejackets,and lifebuoys
➤ Breathing sets
➤ Fire and immersion suits
➤ Marine distress signals,pyrotechnics
➤ Transfer and descent equipment
➤ Gas detectors and spares
➤ Fire extinguishers
➤ Foam compound
➤ Navigational lights and shapes
➤ Survival craft accessories

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Hardware & Tools

➤ Pneumatic and electrical tools
➤ Hand tools
➤ Cutting tools
➤ Measuring tools
➤ Boltsandnuts
➤ Welding equipments
➤ Non sparking tools
➤ Barbedwire

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Ropes & Lifting Tackles

➤ Manila and nylon ropes
➤ Mooring ropes and tails
➤ Galvanized steel wire ropes
➤ Links,turnbuckles and shackles
➤ Hooks,chains,rods
➤ Lifting slings and nets
➤ Gangway nets
➤ Fairlead mandal shackle

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Marine Paints & Accessories

➤ Epoxy and modified epoxy
➤ Polyurethane and thinners
➤ Alkyd and modified alkyd
➤ Heat resistance coats
➤ Anti skid,finish,speciality coats
➤ Underwater, anti fouling coats
➤ Airless spray machine and spares
➤ Roller and flat brushes

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Marine Chemicals

➤ Boiler water treatment chemicals
➤ Fuel oil treatment chemicals
➤ Tank cleaning chemicals
➤ Test kits and reagents
➤ Cooling water treatment chemicals
➤ Oil spill dispersant
➤ Electric cleaning chemicals
➤ Air cooler cleaners

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Electrical Stores

➤ Bulbs and lamps
➤ Navigation and search lights
➤ Cables,switches,and boards
➤ Plugs,sockets,alarm and horns
➤ Electrical contactor and contacts
➤ Lead acid batteries and chargers
➤ Explosion and waterproof fittings
➤ Refrigerator,washer,grinder,etc.

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RIBO 450 Rescue (Inflatable) Boat.

Number of persons : 6 ( seating, one laying on a stretcher)
Overall length : 4.50m
Overall width : 1.90m
Weight (including equipment, 25HP engine and fuel) : 320 kgs
Weight operational (including 6 person and 25 Hp engine) : 815 kg
Engine Power (outboard) : Yamaha 25HP or 40 HP
Available colors : Orange (Solas). Non-Solas : White, navy grey
Approval(s) : SOLAS/EC (MED). Also available model with USCG and RMRS approval.
Application : Seagoing commercial vessel(s) , superyachts, navy vessel(s)

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Pilot Ladder (DNV Certified/Approved)

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Fenders are protective devices designed to shield vehicles from road debris, mud, and water splashes, preventing damage and maintaining a clean appearance. They are commonly found on cars, trucks, and bicycles, providing an essential barrier between the wheels and the body of the vehicle.

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Water Tight Doors & Bridge Windows

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The field of spare parts is immense i.e., main & auxiliary, diesel generators (including CAT, MAK, Cummins, Deutz), pumps, compressors, turbochargers, purifiers, boilers, heat exchangers & etc.As per customer requirement for OEM & genuine then sourcing from leading Japanese, Korean, and worldwide manufacturers.

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Containers (New)

10ft (Offshore), 20ft, 40ft as per your requirement i.e., dry, open top, flat rack, open side, refrigerated all DNV certified / approved.

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